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Abnormal Short 1

2009-03-25 02:57:08 by Lamronba

The new short animation by me. Its pretty cool, no? Look on my flash, I'm too lazy to get the link.


Vote FIVE.


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2009-03-25 04:48:31

well now since you were to lazy to get the link im gonna be to lazy to look at your submisson.

Lamronba responds:

When I posted that it was 12:00 where I left and I had a flight to go to at 4:30. I was tired and needed sleep. FAGGOT.


2009-03-25 06:27:23

yep what masterrater said

Lamronba responds:

yep what my reply said


2009-03-30 01:58:00

I LOVE YOU MAN! You are a fuckin A animator! I wish I was half as good as you!


Lamronba responds:

HEY! You're pretty cool too! I FEEL SO HAPPY! We should make love.


2009-03-30 02:00:55

Where and when?

Lamronba responds:

I was kidding you faggot.